La Bergère Group, based in Maastricht, was launched on 6 January 2009. La Bergère Group consists of three independent divisions, each with its own area of specialisation:

1) Implementing innovative hospitality concepts: La Bergère Operations.

2) Property development and rental: La Bergère Investments.
3) Creating smart real estate concepts for developers, owners and operators: La Bergère Concepts.

“We believe in total concepts, implemented with innovation and creativity, provided they have a solid basis. But most of all, we like to do fun things and to do things in a fun way!", says Rino Soeters, Director of La Bergère Group.“For a number of years, we have been involved in a wide range of activities. Each of these activities had its own brand name, which sometimes caused confusion for our business relations. 

By combining them under a 'family name', we hope to have created a clearer picture. This was the basic idea behind the creation of La Bergère Group. By naming these independent divisions, we have introduced strong brands and position our businesses in their respective markets. We create and implement property concepts and hospitality formulas for the next generation, meeting the expectations of tomorrow's consumers".

In response to the interest shown by our business relations, we have created a completely new and informative website, containing all relevant details on La Bergère Group.
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